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    HOME PRODUCT Sofa Candy Modular Sofa


    Candy Modular Sofa
    Candy Modular Sofa Candy Modular Sofa Candy Modular Sofa Candy Modular Sofa Candy Modular Sofa

    Candy Modular Sofa

    Product ID : 1011
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    The modular units can be combined to form linear compositions, corner units or with lateral extensions allowing it to adapt to a wide range of different sized spaces and environments. Compared to Doze, the diffff erences in the new Flat version lie exclusively in the more compact size of the compositions, achieved by reducing the thickness of the armrests from 25 to 17 cm. The unusual feature of the Doze system is the extraordinary degree of comfort normally found in the bed, thanks to the slatted base, the luxurious padding with springs and the special layer of breathable fabric.
    Product Description
    SEAT 90x200x39 - 1 piece
    SEAT 90x135x39 - 1 piece
    ARMREST 115x69x17 - 2 pieces
    BACKREST / 2 CUSHIONS 201x69x17 - 1 piece
    BACKREST 91x69x17 - 1 piece
    CUSHION 60x60x10 - 1 piece
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